Our Women's Basketball Shoes have ample cushioning, enable quick movements and provide excellent grip for making those sharp turns. The D Rose Son of Chi 2.0 Shoes features a Bounce midsole which combines support and a high-impact cushioned base or get your hands on the Women Forum Bold Shoes, with its X-design, body made of luxurious leather and elevated platform sole, looking bolder than ever.

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Basketball is a game where you have to show speed and running skills, so your feet play the main role in this game. To help your feet in running and stepping side by side, basketball shoes are mandatory. This shoe also helps to protect your feet during sudden turns with the help of its shock absorption feature.
It is important to pick the right kind of shoe to cope up with speed. The right pair will eliminate the risk of getting an injury during playtime. Different kinds of basketball shoes have different features and capability.

There are a lot of people who underestimate the power of designing basketball shoes, and don’t believe in the fact that specialized designs help in performing better. The typical characteristics that make the player feel comfortable while playing are flexibility, ankle support, lacing, cushioning, and stability. 
- Flexibility in your soles means jumping and moving around faster, which is what you want in a basketball game.
- Ankle support gives you the support needed not to break your ankle.
- Lacing is an issue due to rapid movements during the game, so shoelaces can easily get untied. That is why there are basketball shoes that are specifically designed without laces to avoid this problem once and for all. 
- The right size is the most important factor while you pick your shoes. If the fit isn’t right, the players movements will not be as comfortable and as natural as they should be.
- Cushioning is another important factor to consider. The trick about cushioning is to make the player feel comfortable and this will help remain lightweight on the player’s muscles at the same time.
- Stability is key as it will help protect them from injuries and slipping on the glossy floors of the court.

Even when off the hardwood, you can still support the game with signature basketball style. Leather women’s basketball shoes inspired by your favourite game give your off-the-clock outfit an edge. Whether you go for the classic triple black or white or shake it up with a pop of pastel, these sneakers are a go-to even in the off-season.

So take a look at adidas women's basketball shoes, and show up in style the next time you step on the court.