Check out our Men's Football shoes and move across the field with ease, scoring goals like never before. The Predator Edge.3 Turf Boots has a collar that provides the ultimate support and an outsole that's designed with lugged rubber, ensuring that you take charge on the turf and dominate the game. The shoes comprise of zones that are positioned stratigically to ensure an enhanced experience and control while handling the ball.

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The adidas range of men’s football boots offers designs for playing on soft ground, firm ground and artificial turf.
Across the adidas range, the unbeatable combination of cutting-edge design and technology produces attractive, comfortable football boots for men to elevate their game. adidas boots support you to play your best football, whenever and wherever you play. 
They feature fixed moulded studs or blades design. Hard ground football shoes are designed for hard surfaces and our hard ground football boots have studs that are fixed as well as rubber soles designed for durability and agility. Turf football shoes are like trainers and can be used on indoor surfaces as well. They are designed to provide traction on the field and grip the ground in order to avoid slipping and sliding.

The ideal fit for football boots should be to leave a small amount of space at the toe. Not enough so that the toe box flaps but also not too little that your toes are pressing against the end of the boot. Most football boots now are made to fit true to size, however it is always best to read reviews and check which materials the boots are made of. Football boots should be comfortable. Not too tight and not too loose. 

Don’t put them in the washing machine! To clean muddy boots, first give your boots a good bang together to dislodge any loose bits of mud.
If the mud is wet, dampen a towel with some cold water and rub off the mud. When the worst has come off, use a stiff brush (not a wire brush) to remove any ingrained mud. A toothbrush can be used to clean around studs and grooves.
Once clean, stuff your men’s football boots with newspaper and leave them to dry naturally.
adidas creates outstanding designs across leisure and sports. A veritable giant of the industry, its footwear, clothing and accessories are worn by sporting legends across the globe. Its football boots for men are loved by players at all levels for their outstanding designs that are always striving to improve their customers’ game.