• Payment Options
    We currently only accept Cash on Delivery. No alternative payment options are currently available.
  • Gift Card
    We also accept the redemption of Gift Cards which can be used on their own or in conjunction with credit card payments.
  • Currency Options 
    The currency you wish to shop and pay with will default to the currency of the country you are browsing in.
  • Storing Your Payment Details 
    When you create an account you have the for customers who prefer paying with cash, we offer Cash on Delivery (COD)  as an alternative payment method.
  • What Happens Once You Have Placed an Order?
    On placing an order at you will receive a confirmation email containing your order details. Once your order is ready for dispatch, you will receive another email which will enable you to track your order.

    In the event of a problem however, you will quickly be informed by our customer service team and your payment will not be processed. 
    You will also notice that when you look at the location (URL) field at the top of the browser you will see it begin with 'https:' instead of the normal 'http:'. This means that you are in secure mode.