Explore our Women's Football shoes and move across the field with ease. Check out the Copa Sense.3 Turf Boots that has a stretchy collar, moulds to the shape of your feet and provides ultimate comfort. It also features a lugged outsole that ensures control on the turf.

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Whether you’re speeding through defenders, playing pinpoint passes or making a goal-saving tackle, adidas football shoes support your game. 
Football shoes are made for males and females separately, though some women prefer to wear men's cleats. In such a case, women should go down a size and a half to accommodate for the size difference between the genders.

When selecting the right footy boots for you, there are some shoes features that you will need to assess. Start by looking at the heel on the boot since a raised heel is an important feature developed to help prevent injury. Next, look to the outsole as the boot upper (the material that goes over the top of the foot), and finally the width of the football boot.
Fit is the most important part to enjoy and elevate your game! If your cleats don’t feel right or worse, they hurt, your game on the field will suffer. It’s important to look for a snug, form-fitting shoe that gives you a natural feel of the ball.

The basic elements of football shoes are similar for men and women; both contain cleats on the bottom for traction and stability and allow for fast, quick movements or a sudden change in direction. The differences in the shoes play out in the form of size, shape, pressure load, traction for multi-direction movement, and stud configuration. 
Choose the cleats that match your play style. From bold colorways to performance benefits and innovations, you can find the pair that lets you play the game your way. Laceless designs offer flexible support with a clear strike zone, while laced versions secure your foot for whatever moves you use to lose opponents. Shop adidas for women’s football shoes and cleats to tear up the field and make every defender hope for the final whistle.